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Focus On The Medicine, Not The Mundane

At Better Health Group, we have created a range of solutions that create value for providers and practice groups across the healthcare landscape. Independent providers, IPAs, medical practices, and hospital-based groups can choose the partnership path that best fits their needs and provides the optimal solution for their specific circumstances.

What Our Physicians Are Saying

“VIPcare gives you more time to visit with your patients. I know this seems like a "canned answer". I can't explain it, except that I have been a physician for over 20 yrs and have worked in many practice types. Having a little more time for your patients is invaluable.”

Christina Mehriary, M.D., VIPcare Bradenton

“Votion is the eyes and ears behind our office. They truly help us achieve our ultimate goal of better health.”

José López, M.D., Central Florida Total Healthcare

“When you take a patient on and you're doing a journey with them - the incredible experience of watching a patient through illness come through do well - that is the amazing part about [VIPcare].”

Margaret Yee, M.D., VIPcare Davenport


Better Health Group and our network of over a thousand providers offer quality value-based care to patients across coverage types. We always work to deliver better, more attentive care on the front end to achieve better health and minimize unnecessary, costly care.

Specializing in the unique healthcare needs of patients, we provide supplemental care coordination programs, including behavioral care, medication management, and health education, that equip our patients to better address their health problems.


Health Plans

At Better Health Group, we deliver measurable outcomes to our health plan partners across the country.

Improved Quality Measures. Our provider engagement team merges advanced technology with meticulous oversight to identify opportunities for clinical improvement, including care gaps and process optimization.

Reduced Medical Expenses. Our protocols for clinical care excellence include management of hospital-to-home transitions, medication adherence and prescription monitoring, and regular patient outreach.

Improved Compliance. Our purpose-built technology ensures patient diagnoses are accurately documented, chronic conditions are identified, and coding is accurate and reported in a timely manner.

Solutions For All Your Members

Our solutions are designed to serve your entire membership base, regardless of what type of insurance they have. We offer comprehensive support for Medicare Advantage, Managed Medicaid, and commercial insurance.

Insurance Brokers

We offer agent professionals support in key areas, including lead generation and patient satisfaction, so you can expand your client portfolio while improving satisfaction and outcomes.

Happy, healthy patients translate to satisfied clients. Our national network of providers consistently outperform industry benchmarks for patient satisfaction and quality measures. When clients are pleased with the care they receive, they remain loyal to the insurance broker who referred them.

Our commitment to keeping our patients healthy yields demonstrable outcomes that exceed industry benchmarks. Partnering with Better Health Group assures insurance professionals that their clients’ healthcare is in good hands. From their first appointment onward, we stand ready to support your clients every step of the way.

Better Health Group’s provider directory is your essential resource for quality primary care. Our directory has been meticulously curated to simplify the process of finding trusted physicians, enabling you to offer the highest level of care and coverage to your clients.


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