Who We Are

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A circular diagram made up of six sections that show the different ways Better Health Group's MSO serves healthcare providers and patients.
Health Plan Partnerships

Get access to preferred contract terms with payers and reduced admin and reporting burden, options for fee-for-service (FFS) or capitated revenue, and performance-based bonuses with no financial downside risk.

Data & Analytics

Get data you don’t have. Your patients can seek care in many places. We pair your EMR data with other patient data sources including prescription information, hospital visits, and payer claims so you can see the full picture of your patient’s health journey.

Clinic Insights

Information you and your patients can actually use. Our system complements your EMR, translating aggregated data into care management suggestions for individuals and prioritizing populations of patients for engagement.

Financial Security

We don’t make money unless you do and we protect you from downside risk. See a rapid impact on cash flow through predictable monthly payments (per patient), improved FFS revenue, and quality and shared savings bonuses.

Staff Support

We know you need extra help. Relieve your staff of patient outreach, coding and billing, payer-related admin tasks, and MIPs and quality reporting. While our on-site coordinator guides your patients, our practice coach helps you transition to our value-based model.

Quality Management

Practice more medicine. Participating in value-based programs means meeting time-consuming payer requirements. We lighten your load so you can spend more time with your patients, while we spend more time on HEDIS, CQMs, MIPs, and Star Ratings. With accurate and timely reporting, we maximize value-based incentives.

Reliable Framework

Our platform is reliable and scalable, with proven outcomes across diverse geographic regions.

Results at Scale

We consistently achieve top-tier financial performance, exceptional quality of care, and compliance results on a significant scale.

Strategic Diversity

Our model is diversified and health plan agnostic, allowing us to focus on value-based care delivery across various segments of the healthcare market.

Seamless Synergy

Our dual-operating model ensures consistency across independent and group clinics as well as our VIPcare clinics.

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