Independent and Group Clinics

A group of smiling healthcare professionals engaging in a friendly conversation, highlighting camaraderie and collaboration in a clinical setting.


  • Providers have the option to preserve their ownership and clinical independence when becoming our strategic partner.
  • With our seamless integration process, providers can sell their practice while still delivering patient care at our VIPcare clinics.
  • For providers seeking a smooth retirement transition, we offer a comprehensive evaluation of their practice's value.


  • Our platform is exclusively designed to support value-based care, ensuring optimal performance and outcomes.
  • Operating seamlessly across all lines of business and health plans, our vertically integrated hybrid solution offers a comprehensive approach to healthcare delivery.
  • It can be scaled and replicated to accommodate the specific needs of our provider partners.


  • We boast an extensive network of over 1,200 healthcare providers, providing comprehensive and quality care to our patients.
  • We deploy a local dedicated support team that serves as an extension of our provider partner’s practice.
  • Our network fosters collaborative provider partnerships that enables seamless care coordination, interdisciplinary consultations, and shared resources.
A stethoscope placed on a tablet computer, which is lying on a laptop keyboard, all tinted in a blue hue, symbolizing modern healthcare technology.
Dr. Manny Hernandez, M.D., a mature man with short gray hair and glasses, wearing a gray medical coat with a stethoscope and a striped tie.

Manny Hernandez, M.D.

Dr. Manny’s Gulfcoast Medical Center Cape Coral, FL

“They took us by the hand, taught, and guided us. This resulted in a much more systematic and effective primary care practice and, dare I say it, a more profitable and less stressful practice.”
Dr. Luz D. Rosario-Maisonet, M.D., with long curly blonde hair, wearing a white medical coat, a stethoscope, and a colorful shirt.

Luz D. Rosario-Maisonet, M.D.

RM Healthcare Ocala, FL

"Since coming to work for [Better Health Group], I am able to spend more time with my patients because I have far fewer scheduled appointments each day. The difference is remarkable, from a clinical perspective and in terms of my own happiness."
Dr. José López, M.D., with short dark hair and glasses, wearing a white medical coat, a blue tie, and a stethoscope.

José López, M.D.

Central Florida Total Healthcare

“[Better Health Group] is the eyes and ears behind our office. They truly help us achieve our ultimate goal of better health.”
Dr. Margaret Yee, M.D., with long dark hair and glasses, wearing a white medical coat, a dark blue blouse, and a pearl necklace.

Margaret Yee, M.D.

VIPcare Davenport

“When you take a patient on and you're doing a journey with them - the incredible experience of watching a patient through illness come through do well - that is the amazing part about [VIPcare].”
Dr. Christina Mehriary, M.D., smiling gently in a white medical coat with a stethoscope and blue earrings.

Christina Mehriary, M.D.

VIPcare, Bradenton

“VIPcare gives you more time to visit with your patients. I know this seems like a "canned answer". I can't explain it, except that I have been a physician for over 20 yrs and have worked in many practice types. Having a little more time for your patients is invaluable.”
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A young Caucasian female doctor with brown hair and glasses smiling as she looks at her laptop, sitting at a desk with a stethoscope around her neck.

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