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Helping Providers Deliver Results Through Our MSO

At Better Health Group, our practice support solution, Votion®, enables our national network of providers to improve patient outcomes and lower cost, while spending more time practicing medicine.

Votion is a proprietary platform that integrates technology-enabled care management with patient-centric medicine. Through our core competencies, we provide clinical insights including provider engagement, clinical services, Stars and quality, operational support, and technology and analytics to deliver quality care in a timely and efficient manner.


Proven, Replicable Success with Top Tier Quality Scores

The average increase in practice revenue achieved by our providers
More time is spent with each patient
45 hrs
MSO provided care support monthly
Average visits
per member annually
Increased earnings
Purpose-driven team members supporting you and your patients

Providing Quality Primary Care for Seniors

Through our patient-facing brand, VIPcare, we provide healthcare services to seniors covered by Medicare and Medicare Advantage at our extensive network of over 160 owned clinics nationwide. Since 2006, VIPcare has provided 5-star care to seniors that prioritizes quality of care over quantity of service. With an emphasis on prevention, VIPcare always puts patient care and outcomes first.

Our solutions empower a new approach to healthcare, allowing doctors to deliver care more effectively by focusing their time on patients rather than administrative tasks.

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