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December 14, 2023

Kroger Eyes Opportunities in Senior-Focused Primary Care, Rolls Out Service in Atlanta Clinics

Kroger is piloting value-based primary care clinics as it joins a growing list of retailers looking to cash in on the booming sector of senior-focused medical care.

The grocery chain has teamed up with Better Health Group, a provider network, to shift some of its in-store clinics, called The Little Clinic, into primary care centers for seniors, in addition to offering regular services.

Better Health Group is rolling out the value-based model at eight of Kroger's Altanta-area stores.

"The clinics today provide a full range of services from your acute, convenient care to primary care-like functions. About 60% of patients that we see in the clinic don't have an assigned or designated primary care provider. So, there's a huge opportunity just in general to serve patients and provide longitudinal care," said Jim Kirby, chief commercial officer for Kroger Health, in an interview with Fierce Healthcare. "These particular clinics, most of the eight are in medically underserved areas. We thought that there was also a particular community-based need to serve these patients," Kirby said.

Kroger Health operates nearly 2,300 pharmacies across 35 states and 225 Little Clinics in nine states in those pharmacy locations.

"It is comprehensive primary care. It would be very similar to what you would think about in going into your physician for primary care services. So understanding what are all the diagnoses that seniors may have, focusing on prevention and some of the unique needs that seniors have, and then forming a care plan and following up with them proactively and making sure that they're getting the care that they need and all the recommended preventive screenings and services that that they should be engaged in for their age," Kirby said.

Moving forward, Better Health Group will manage all aspects of the primary healthcare needs of seniors with Medicare, including those enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans.


About Better Health Group

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Better Health Group is leading the transition to value-based primary care. Operating in eight states and Puerto Rico, Better Health Group manages care for more than 250,000 patients enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare ACOs, Managed Medicaid, and Commercial Insurance plans. The company’s business lines deliver Better Care, Better Outcomes, and Better Health.